27th Jun, 2011

Last-Minute Curb Appeal Series – Part 2 of 10

I performed an experiment today. I wanted to see what was the first thing I noticed when I drove up to a house I’d never seen before. It was really tough to do, but after doing this 10 times, thinking after 10 times I would start to see a trend or pattern, I did in fact find that I often looked to three areas first.

Today’s series is about The GARAGE DOOR:

When you first pull into a driveway, what is the first thing you see? The garage door. It’s staring you in the face. You wouldn’t believe me how many times I’ve seen cracked, chipped, and dirty garage doors. This area of the house is probably one of the most neglected and unthought of places, yet one of the most visable.

After pondering why this is one of those areas that goes neglected I thought a few things. 1. When you come home, you push the button, the door goes up, you drive inside without thinking about it, once inside you hit the button and the door goes back down. Therefore, you never really see the door. 2. When working in the garage, one of the first things you do, unless it is really cold outside is hit the button and put the garage door up. If the car is out, you might sweep the floor and the corners of the doorway, but never think about the door itself. And 3. If you are working outside, you are probably getting yard tools out of the garage, so again the door is up and you don’t see it.

The next time you drive up your driveway, put the cell phone down and just look at it. See if it looks dirty, chipped, dinged, bent, or dented. If it is any one of these, fix it. The people who are coming to view your house with an agent or are driving by your house will notice these flaws no matter how minor, and will mark that down as something they want fixed.

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